AAGACC Sparked Business Locally

I am very thankful to the African American Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. They have been able to connect me with many clients who are in need of the services I provide, through their immense network within the Greater Albuquerque area. In their short time as an entity, they already possess the ability to help grow small businesses. I stand with the AAGACC and will continue to be an active member. 

As a web developer new to the Albuquerque area, I was not well-informed that websites were a major business need in the African American community. AAGACC has not only given my company the opportunity to create a website for them, they have also exposed me to a whole new world of opportunities. Because of AAGACC, I have met with several different businesses over the last month who have heard of the services I provide and seen my work through the services I provided for the chamber.

Rahni Johnson & Travis Kellum

Lead Designer & Lead Developer