Career Opportunities

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of a local yoga studio searching for instructors.  I can’t thank you enough as well for telling me about the staffing agency, Manpower. Feeling frustrated and financially unstable in my previous position, working with Manpower, job searching bought success in 4 days. I was blessed with a pay increase, and now, I finally have a flexible part-time schedule. The schedule will allow me the opportunity to study for my personal trainer certification.

I am beyond excited! I had been searching for a position that would allow me to work and study.  I attended career fairs, applied online through various sources, searched the newspaper, but struggled for a while.  I am extremely grateful for your direction and introduction to Manpower.   Manpower did the job hunting for me. All I had to do was complete an application in their office online, and meet briefly with one of their recruiters all totaling approximately an hour.

The strong networking ability of the African American Chamber of Commerce (AAGACC) really came through when I needed assistance. I would have never thought about using a staffing agency to showcase my skills. I can finally say that I am doing something that I love. Again, I can’t express my gratitude enough to AAGACC!  I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life in my dream career field.

Reina M. Carson