Business Relationships

My company, Estech Global, Inc., established in May of 2018 is an Albuquerque, New Mexico company providing clean, renewable, affordable energy solutions. Our vision is to progress as a world leader in the distribution and manufacturing of high-efficiency, cost-competitive solar PV modules (panels), components, and energy systems that will transform the solar and wind energy Industry globally.

Even with a world class team of innovators, designers and engineers, over the last several months, we have discovered the importance and major benefits of having membership and support from our local African American Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. As a new startup distributor Estech Global has required mentors, advisors and simply put, on-going daily encouragement. I am so thankful that all of this and more has been provided by our new Chamber of Commerce. I have already met with supportive members who are experienced engineers, loan officers, procurement specialists, and financial advisors – experienced business leaders. Through the assistance of the AAGACC before their doors were officially opened, we hold existing plans of immediately becoming a leading distributor and the sole manufacturer of PV modules in New Mexico, followed by Florida the Caribbean, and other nations.

Our annual membership dues are a small price to pay in relations to the overall benefits already derived and the life-long business associations we will continue to build upon, that will collectively assist all new and future chamber members. I have learned to count my Blessings and to value all relationships. So, I encourage those of you who are aspiring business leaders, students, and entrepreneurs to come and spend time with our new Chamber family, to join our team if you are inspired to be part of this transformation process that is already taking place in our business and New Mexico communities.

Thank you.

Frederick Esters